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Не перестаю удивляться....
Philip Kotler "Kotler on Marketing", p.67 
26th-Apr-2011 03:22 pm

It is not always easy to develop a catchy slogan that works well in the customer"s mind. Philips, the giant lighting and electronics company, changed its slogan several times and still needs something better. Its original slogan was "From Sand to Chips", suggesting that Philips used sand to both develop their lightbulbs (glass is made from sand) and to develop advanced computer chips (sand is silicon). But that went over the heads of many consumers and offered no benefit idea, but simply a discription of what Philips made as a company. So Philips changed its slogan to "Philips Invents for you". But this led some wags to say: " Who asked them to?" Then Philips adapted a new slogan: "Let"s Make Things Better." But now the same wags say: I didn"t know things were so bad". So the search for a slogan for Phillips goes on.

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