soniaponka (soniaponka) wrote,

Heart Hammock has failed...

К сожалению моё кресло не выиграло в конкурсе. Неприятно...

This is to inform you that your entry [ Heart hammock ID:0000000206] was not selected for main evaluation of the International Furniture Design Competition Asahikawa 2011.

The preliminary selection process took place on December 15th and 16th, 2010. The contest included 899 entries from 36 countries/regions. Of these entries, 35 entries have been chosen for the main selection process which will take place in March.

The works of winners and finalists will be on exhibit in the International Furniture Design Fair Asahikawa which will be held between June 22 (Wednesday) and June 26 (Sunday), 2011.

We thank you for your entry.
Sincerely yours,

Minoru Nagahara
International Furniture Design Fair
Asahikawa Organizing Committee

IFDA Organizing Committee 2011
Asahikawa Furniture Industry Cooperative office
2-10 Nagayama, Asahikawa, Hokkaido 079-8412 Japan
Tel:+81 166 47 0655 Fax: +81 166 48 4749
http: //

Tags: design, portfolio, мечты

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