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Не перестаю удивляться....
A`award exhibition and Gala-night. 
23rd-Jun-2012 08:09 pm
Выставка работ победителей проходит в городе Комо с 17го июня. Моя полочная система стоит прям напротив входа на выставку. Я немного написала об этом по-английски для своего профессора и студентов....
Оригинал взят у soniaponka в A`award exhibition and Gala-night.

A`design award exhibition
A`design award is a new international competition with multiple nominations. There are few options which are especially attractive to designers. First of all, any design - from 3d model to final product - can be nominated. Also the products should not be necessarily absolutely new - there is no problem if they had been exhibited or awarded before - there are no specific limitations. So generally, anyone can nominate any own design or all of them.
The exhibition of 2011-2012 winning designs is taking place now - 2 weeks from June 17th in Como, Italy (near MIlan). A beautiful exposition space just next to Duomo di Como was full of designers from all over the world on the opening evening.

Most winning designs were presented by posters prepared by organizers. But there were also prototypes. I brought my Quadro Qusabi Shelving System (shortly QQ) with me. It was proudly standing just in front of the entrance. I was very happy about the positive reaction of many visitors. 

A day before the exhibition (June, 16th) a Gala-Night took place at the gorgeous Villa Gallia on lake Como. All guests dressed beautifully for the event. The ceremony took quite a long time. A lot of winners came to receive their awards here. There was a dinner and drinks after that. There were slight problems with organization of the event, but I guess everybody was happy just to be in such nice place and meet all these new interesting friends.

more photos and information
A' Design Award & Competition
A' Design Award and Competition

23rd-Jun-2012 12:59 pm (UTC)
а мне система.. :)
Ну, то таке... на вкус и цвет..

А в целом, дизайнериня конечно молодец..
24th-Jun-2012 07:04 am (UTC)
та нэма за що..
щас редко встретишь в жж хоть что-то действительно интересное..
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